Understanding sexual pleasure in both men & women

Who feels more pleasure male or female?

When it comes to sexual pleasure everyone seems pretty shy and undeniably active on each spectrum of sexual performance. Most importantly men wish to be perfect on every manhood grounds that they could easily accomplish every single aspect of the alpha male.

Men and women both have their own satisfactory benefits when it comes to what to expect from sex? Generally, an average person could hardly describe what would he expect from his sexual encounters but the only thing which he will keep in mind is how long will he perform?

Introduction to sexual education

This is the bizarre concept as men commonly focus upon the longevity of their sexual performance but the reality is far more contradictory. As a man we always wants to be superior in the house, society as well in the job opportunities but when it comes to sexual pleasure the only thing we understand is the longevity of our performance will surely satisfy a women on short note but unfortunately that’s not the complete case women like to be pleased not dominated or being hurt in any possible manner. Fantasizing the dominated behavior might affect our thinking about women. So it’s not about how long you perform but how well you perform in the bed.

To understand it better let’s read something more interesting

Whenever men fail to satisfy a woman on sexual grounds then he feels uncompleted or unfinished from inside. In order to identify the real causes of sexual failures you literally need inside information in order to deal with sexual dysfunction in the best way possible.

Ever heard about “Sexual Response Cycle” a sequence of physiological changes happens to the body when a man becomes sexually active at first place. These physiological events are generally taking place in both men and women but at a different time limit.

So if a man gets satisfied during the sex prior to the women then it’s a reason for worry for both of them. Relationships stand upon trust, belief, and understanding with each other.

And it all comes to sexual intercourse (sexual pleasure) because when a couple gets satisfied with each other then they could easily trust their partner for further commitment. Finding suitable arousal moments in the foreplay is a difficult call to make for every man.

Sexual response cycle is clearly the systematic and natural clock of showing the satisfactory outcomes in the post-sexual period.

What is the Sexual Response Cycle?

Sexual Response Cycle is a series of sexual and physical changes arise when a person becomes sexually active. For men being sexually active is being alive in life. They always seek for opportunities to prove their manhood and improvise their strengthening manhood favors in the society. T

o understand it more preciously you need to identify the nature of male as well as women sexual behavior towards each other. The events of the sexual response cycle could be divided into four phases depending upon their stimulants feature:

  1. Excitement -This is an initial phase that usually begins in 10-20 seconds after erotic stimulation and initiate arousal feelings. It could last up to a few minutes or hours depending upon the longevity of arousal moments.

  1. Plateau – In this phase male sexual glands become active and start to perform to please the women. This phase helps us to continue the physical and sexual changes happened in the first phase.

  1. Orgasm – The most talked about a phase in both men and women. Men seek better options to increase their orgasm state of balance to ejaculate more and frequently. Women seek longevity in performance to increase the lasting effects of orgasm. It is also the climax of the sexual period in both men and women.

  1. Resolution – This is the final phase of the response cycle as post-sexual activities make our body restless and tired after a few minutes. So our body needs a resting phase in order to balance the sex hormones and calm the psychological state for normal functions. This phase is much longer in women as compared to men.

Struggles with the sexual response cycle (sexual pleasure)

Usually, men often feel incomplete on sexual terms because of their incomplete satisfactory outcomes resulting in low esteem.

In short, men usually worry about their sexual performance in general but for that, we need to understand where we are failing? To identify the real causes of our problems we clearly need to maximize the efforts to find the shortcomings in “Sexual Response Cycle”.

The only thing we know about sexual problems in men that with age sexual levels begin to alleviate affecting our performance on the bed but if you are not satisfied with all the provided enhancement supplements and penile enlargement solutions then you need something more precise and effective on natural grounds. T

he biggest struggle with men is their own sense of excitement which only lasts few seconds yes that’s truly hurtful because of our overexcited behavior towards our sexual performance (sexual pleasure) we clearly raise the hype bar too high to fail to fulfill on lower terms. Uncontrollable ejaculation with overexcited hype clearly show the real failures on sexual grounds.

Low performance is a common factor in men as they have to face several aging challenges where they felt incomplete or unsatisfied on natural terms. These low vitality issues are commonly referred to the aging challenges where our body fails to address the scarcity of sex hormones which results in male impotence.

Despite knowing the real causes of sexual dysfunctions men still believe in their sense of treatments by in taking Viagra Solutions and penis enlargement solutions which could only deliver temporary solutions without any guaranteed treatments.


So the question still awaits whether men wish to enjoy the alpha male strength on the bed or just try to accomplish their low sense of responsibilities in the society? But whatever the choice you make but remember one thing no one is going to hold the regret of being impotent in life.


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