Stretch Mark Removal Treatment with Natural Effects

stretch mark

Naturally, Stretch Mark Removal Treatment

Stretch mark is a common problem, stretch mark due to the sudden weight loss or weight gain. After pregnancy, most women’s are undergoing from stretch marks. Stretch mark looking likes a parallel line on the body, which affects the beauty of the body. These parallel lines contain different surface and color combination (purple-bright pink-light gray). Now a day there is various treatment procedures are available in the market but natural methods are best.

The blood vessels are very strong and due to sudden weight gain: it leads to breaking the inter-connected fiber that let your skin to stretch as your body grows. When the dermis rips, the blood vessels appear in the color red or pink initially. Later, when blood vessels get smaller it appears silvery white in color. But many health experts are advice preferring natural remedies than artificial. Some natural tips are written below can help get rid of stretch marks.

Black Tea:

Boil one teaspoon of black tea & add salt according to the taste, drink it in your breakfast. Black tea contains vitamins & minerals which lead to getting rid of stretch marks.

Potato juice:

Take some potato, separate into pieces and grind it properly for the juice. Take the juice on your figure tips to paste into your stretch marks. Due to a starch property of potato helps to lighten the stretch marks.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is a small a living organism of the kind exemplified by trees. Aloe Vera contains acids and important minerals that help regenerate the destroyed tissues. Take Aloe Vera leaf and broke it on a middle of the part, collect the gel and cover it into your stretch areas.

Egg white:

Use the wide layer of egg white over the stretch marks. Egg white contains proteins and acids to get lighten the stretch marks.

Castor Oil:

massage the castor oil over the stretch mark and wait until the oil absorbed into the mark area. Castor oil composed by alpha-linolenic, linolenic, oleic, ricinoleic acids will help smoothen and cure the stretch marks.

Lemon Juice:

lemon juice is often used for Bleaching properties; Rub the lemon juice over the affected area which leads to smoothen the stretch mark by the useful bleaching properties.


Sugar is more beneficial for stretch mark when you gonna add some lemon juice and olive oil. Apply the mix and rub it for a few minutes.

Coconut Oil and Almond:

Mix equal quantities of almond and coconut oil. Massage over stretch marks. Coconut oil carries moisture to recover the skin tissues and cells.

Argan oil:

Argon oil fully composed of C29H50O2 (vitamin E). Vitamin E often used for increase elasticity of the skin. Properly massage the oil all over stretch marks which regenerate the damaged tissues by making a fade out the marks.


Drinking of sufficient water is better for soften and increase the elasticity of the skin. By increasing elasticity and softening of skin helps to reduce the stretch marks.

These remedies are natural, free from harm side-effects, and cost-effective. Use these remedies regularly for best consequences. It has been seen that these natural remedies are more effective than artificial. A suggestion is ours but everything is in your hand.

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