Coronavirus Social Distancing: Is Social Distancing Working?

What is Social Distancing

Today the whole world is under seize and this is mainly because of one big pandemic that has become havoc for the complete world. The world is under the shutdown and there are no more flights and travels taking place across the place. These measures are taken around the world just to be abrupt in the fight with the global epidemic of a coronavirus outbreak. There are more than three hundred thousand people have become affected by this virus and more than eighteen thousand victims have died of it. This no. is very defying and all of the world govt. has been shaken by the outbreak of this deadly virus. This is a respiratory syndrome virus that shows symptoms like that of pneumonia and mainly attacks people with weak immunity. This is a global emergency and the WHO has suggested measures to every person all around the globe to prevent themselves against this virus. One of the major prevention of this problem is the concept of social distancing.

Humans have always been social animals and tend to live and roam in groups and under social interactions. People are suggested to defy this single trait of their very human nature and maintain a min. A distance of 1 meter is required from people outside the house.

Governments of different countries have shut down their countries for good and there are total lockdown and emergency all over the world. This is just to make sure that the virus does not spread around and kills more people.

The concept of social distancing is just that all the people have to be at the place that they were before the lockdown or be with their families at their home. There have to be least interactions between people and hands must be washed after each interaction and also in every hour. Thus every sort of industrial and socially interactive works has been stopped for the better prevention of people.

How Long Will Social Distancing and Quarantine

As this global emergency has been declared and more and more people have been showing symptoms of this virus. WHO has suggested that the people who have traveled from virus affected and prone areas to their countries or other countries, they must be put under observation for 14 days to check for the symptoms.

This is called quarantine of the people as they are not allowed to get out of their homes or places that they are kept in for the next 14 days. Then the governments all around the globe have declared an emergency and have shut down their country works. This means that nothing other than the essential jobs of govt and the medical sector will be functional.

People are made to sit at their homes and only one person is allowed to go out of their house at one time for getting essential ration. This is the bigger concept of social distancing as people are not allowed to interact with others outside their homes and have to maintain distance from all sorts of interactions.

This means that people have to make sure that they don’t meet with others outside their homes and if they do, then they have to be wearing gloves and also maintaining a distance of 1 meter for being safe from the air that the person standing in front is exhaling.

Social distancing thus means that all the people have to make sure that they have the least amount of meet-ups with others and also that they sit at homes and take care of their health.

They have to check for their symptoms and wear masks if they are already sick. These all concepts of social distancing help in prevention from this deadly virus attack.


Social Distancing
Social Distancing



Why is social distancing important?

This is being observed that the virus shows its symptoms after 12-14 days of entering a host body. This means that a person carrying it has come in contact with another person. They would be passing it to a lot more people before knowing that they suffer from this problem.

This is the biggest threat to all humans as they are unaware of being positive or negative about carrying the virus. Thus it has been suggested by all the medical field professionals that the best way to fights against it is to prevent it.

Social distancing is thus important in this crucial moment as this helps in making the least transfer of this virus to others possible. By maintaining a social distancing means that there have to be the least interactions among two people when they are outside their houses or their place of stay. If a person meets other they have to maintain the least distance so that they don’t transfer any genetic material.

This is very important as when the people self isolate that is they tend to sit at their homes, they don’t make any interactions and thus any sort of genetic material doesn’t spread in the whole of society. This way they spread of virus gets controlled and the no. of confirmed cases doesn’t seem to raise much.

Self Isolation

Self-isolation is also a form of social distancing as this makes people be under house arrest imposed by them on themselves. People are staying at their houses and watching for their health and their family’s health. This means that they have to stock up enough ration and other essentials and stay at home for as long as the govt. has to say.

Self-isolation helps in making sure that the virus doesn’t spread on the humane level and thus stop the epidemic till doctors get time to make the vaccine for this virus. Till it gets a proper vaccine, it is to be prevented by making no social interaction, i.e. social distancing.

Social distancing helps people stay safe by making them be away from all sorts of means of transfer through human interactions. Therefore to fight this sort of global epidemic, social distancing is proving to be a key weapon as the cases of affected people are not increasing as it was increasing when people were not following this. Therefore fighting against this epidemic has a global parameter through social distancing.

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